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About Us


Why we do what we do?

XSolution was not shaped by a single idea or concept. Though it did have one starting point; one principle its founders vowed to never violate: Design is function. Combining the experience and talent of two designers and one developer, XSolution sought to break itself off from the awful web design industry of that time to further evolve a more beautiful and user-oriented web.


Being the world’s dominant CMS technology, we chose WordPress as the platform we would use to create website builders that altogether foster our holy principle. At XSolution Themes, our mission has always been to conquer the limits of WordPress as a CMS and make it more productive for those who respect the importance and unity of beauty and function in creating content on the web.

Creation is a ceremony

In our revolt against an Office Space scenario unfolding before us, we’re proud to have made our XSolution culture into a ceremony of creativity and production where only the joyful, intelligent and passionate can collaborate to take meaningful actions.


Pham Tam


Khang Thai


Linh Tran



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